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Jennifer didn’t introduce me to mindfulness or the healing power of dance and movement—what she did was more powerful than that. I’ve known that mindfulness and tuning into my body would be beneficial for my mental health, and I’ve even used dance as a creative outlet since I was a child. But journal entries spanning the last decade prove that I struggled to find a routine or practice that was sustainable and nourishing for me. “This time I mean it, I’m going to meditate every day,” or “I really need to register for a dance class again,” were common proclamations throughout my twenties. 

In hindsight, it’s clear that what was missing was the spirit of invitation. Instead of inviting myself to show up, I was straining so much to build a practice of reflection and self-care that it was always a chore—something to be tolerated for the greater good. It’s not surprising that those efforts failed. What I’ve found in Jennifer and her classes is an effortlessness and ease that I haven’t experienced before. Showing up for myself in her classes isn’t about checking something off a list or trying to get a new habit to stick. She invites me every week to come as I am and explore what I need, so I show up. She found a way to make the practice the reward itself, instead of a means to a better end.

So no, she didn’t introduce me to the idea of observing your thoughts and feelings, nor did she introduce me to the concept of using movement as medicine (though both of these are important). What she did is teach me how to build a self-care practice that brings me joy while giving me the exact nourishment I need. She invites playfulness, curiosity, sensuality, and introspection without the weight and intimidation that can accompany such nebulous concepts. 

If you are looking for a way to tune into your inner voice, craving self exploration, or are looking for a guidepost in your journey to authentic living, I would recommend Jennifer’s classes to you.



Experienced. Passionate. Supportive.

Jennifer Holland

As long as I can remember I’ve loved deep human connection, communing with nature, & being in my body. Around people — when I’m not in the center of the dance floor getting rowdy — I’m the one singled off with someone entranced in the story that describes the lens through which they experience life. I am fascinated by the human experience, how our minds, bodies, & emotions are intertwined, the vastness of our untapped potential, and how we relate and interact with one another.

When I’m not with people, I’m escaping into nature to hike, swim, bike, meditate, and soak up the experience of the elements, or I am creating with my body & mind. I love to read and write, paint and sketch, dance and move, lift heavy and push my body’s limits. I have an insatiable curiosity that motivates me to continually learn, grow, adapt, and change.

Not that credentials are everything, but I do have a BS in Exercise Science; Fitness & Wellness, am a 500 ERYT Certified Yoga Alliance Instructor, and have held several roles in the fitness realm (group instructor, personal trainer, special populations coach, manager, program director, and more). I strongly believe ALL HUMANS should have access to the basic skills to manage our bodies, minds, and emotions to help navigate our day to day experiences and live life to our fullest potential.

I am determined to share my knowledge & experiences, open up the depths of my emotions in vulnerability, and help support you live an untethered, exquisite, deliciously rich, and joyful life.



Salt Lake City, UT

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