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​Our mission is to create safe spaces and empowered experiences allowing for exploration, deep healing, and the divine integration of ALL the pieces of ourselves through the potent medicine of breathwork, connection with our bodies, and sexual/sensual liberty and expression. 

Our dream is to create a sacred sisterhood of empowered Divine Feminine Dripptresses who prioritize pleasure and play, collaboration, curiosity, and compassion. An inclusive and welcoming collective where all are welcome and that honors healing, values peace, encourages vulnerability, and works together to pool into the collective and individual success of all. We want to build a legacy with you. To start a wildfire of radical self love and collective healing.

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All About DRIPP

Through the pursuit of our pleasure and peace--we begin to adopt the “observer” lens. Stepping back from harsh judgements and criticisms and learning to notice. This practice empowers us to bring compassion for ourselves to the forefront and will lead us to gently change behaviors, relationships, and circumstances that do not serve us. Personal alignment, balance, and peace become our north star, encouraging us to step into our power, seek more joy, and let our radiance shine brightly. This deep act of radical self love will send healing waves through the cosmos. 


DRIPP is great for anyone looking to explore their sensuality, gain strength/awareness/confidence, connect body & breath, and add sexy inspiration & self-touch into their movement practice (aka all levels welcome). 


Some specialty classes and fierce flow classes may be more challenging, but modifications are always offered.


All respectful, well-intentioned humans seeking safe space to explore, accept, and express their Divine Feminine essence and energy are welcome. We are all about dripping in LOVE.


Some spaces and classes will be for women only, depending on the intention and needs for creating safe spaces to heal.


DRIPP classes begin with grounding exercises, connecting our breath with stillness. We build from there, exploring and playing with self touch, gentle movements, and massage. We continue to build and learn DRIPP Flows & Transitions. There are 3 levels of DRIPP flows: floor, mid-level, and standing. Each 60 min class usually covers 2 flows at different levels that can be combined with transitions into a fun sequence/choreography. Classes vary in content and will teach different elements, so the more you attend , the more inspiration you will have for  your own at-home practice.


When you attend class, come well hydrated and dress cozy and as "sexy" as you'd like (whatever that means to you). Having as much skin showing as possible allows you to really enjoy your touch. However, wearing long over-the-knee socks or leg warmers and having knee pads with you will assist with DRIPP movements.

You can practice on a traditional yoga mat but due to its freeing nature, DRIPP often has you traveling all over the floor. For hard floor surfaces, knee pads are recommended. Long socks and utilizing a circular mat is encouraged. For carpeted surfaces long socks are also highly recommended and depending on your preference, circular mat and knee pads can be utilized as well.  (DRIPP Merch & Store Coming Soon!)


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