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Thu, Jul 11


MM Zoom Room

Polarity Power Mastermind

Join me for 7 weeks of transformational topics that will cultivate greater feelings of safety and connection to yourself, your body, your purpose, and your pleasure.

Polarity Power Mastermind
Polarity Power Mastermind

Time & Location

Jul 11, 2024, 4:30 PM PDT

MM Zoom Room


About the Event

7 weeks | 75 min sessions | Embodiment Every Session | All Humans 18+ Welcome, Partnerships Encouraged <3 

We will meet Thursdays at 4:30 pm PST starting July 11, last session will be August 22. Recordings will be sent, in-person attendance highly encouraged for deeper diving and practice with other humans (which is necessary for growing and reprogramming and pushing our edges.)

This course will focus on building skills and tools to enhance your confidence, safety in communication and daily life, intimacy (and how to build attraction and life force energy), dating and relating in 2024, and learning to amplify your magic. Over seven sessions we will introduce the concepts of inner Divine Union and Polarity, the key components of working with them, and how to cultivate a devotion of care, nurturing, and closeness with yourself.

  • These skills and practices help us also grow into incredible lovers, partners, and parents, deepening our ability to “spoil” all we choose to love
  • 75 minute virtual sessions via Zoom
  • We will be embodying/physically practicing for 15-30 minutes
  • Outline below for Session Topics

SESSION 1 (July 11):

  • Creating safety in our bodies and relationships
  • Root Chakra is the Masculine Energy Center          
    • We will explore what that means and how it differs for men and women and how it deeply supports our relationship with self and others, and will ignite the conversation of Polarity and what that offers
    • Introduction to Masculine Polarity concepts                  
      • Hard + Soft Cock Masculinity - the linear system  
  • Embodiment Portion: 
    • Regulation of the nervous system individually and in partnership
    • Creating safety in our bodies and externally to invite in intimacy and openness
    • Mindfulness and cultivation of the “observer self”


SESSION 2 (July 18):

  • Unlocking our soft, sensual, and creative powers
  • Sacral Chakra is the Feminine Energy Center          
    • We will explore what this means and how it differs for men and women and connect it to the Masculine/Root concepts from Week 1.
    • Introduction to Feminines Polarity concepts and Shadow work                  
      • Wanting/Having/Receiving/Releasing Cycle - the nonlinear system  
  • Embodiment Portion: 
    • Self-massage techniques and sensuality practice
    • How to open our hips and activate sacral energy
    • Breathwork for building and cycling sexual energy


SESSION 3 (July 25):

  • Stepping into our personal power, confidence, and sense of devotion to self
  • Solar Plexus is the next rung in the Masculine Energy System and sits right in the center of our being          
    • We will explore how to step into leadership and activate our presence
    • We will learn about consent and emotional intelligence
    • We will introduce the concepts of the Higher Self and how to begin to change our inner dialog

  • Embodiment Portion: 
    • Strength and perseverance flow to activate confidence and power
    • Partner Practice 1: Witnessing


SESSION 4 (Aug 1):

  • Clarifying our hearts vocabulary and understanding the frequency of love
  • Heart Chakra is the next rung in the Feminine Energy System          
    • We will explore how to open up to love by healing pains and wounds from the past
    • We will establish a framework for how to have vulnerable conversions
    • We will practice asking for our needs and desires and discuss the strength it takes to fully receive.


  • Embodiment Portion: 
    • Heart openers, backbends, and laughter
    • Loving Kindness and Forgiveness work
    • Partner Practice 2: Vulnerable conversations framework, using the emotions wheel for “I statements” language


SESSION 5 (Aug 8):

  • Throat Chakra is the final rung of the Masculine Energy System          
    • We will discuss what authentic living and relationships can be like and how to activate clarity, honesty, and integrity
    • We will discuss how to get clear on our truths and desires and understand what boundaries are, how to express and hold them, and why


  • Embodiment Portion: 
    • Lots of throat activation and projection exercises
    • Speaking from “Open Throat and Cock Energy”
    • Partner Practice 3: Rupture and repair practice


SESSION 6 (Aug 15):

  • Third Eye is the final rung of the Feminine Energy System          
    • We will discuss the ethereal realm of intuition, how that can become muddled if we experience too much trauma or pain, and how to come home to this inner knowing.
    • As we embrace the feminine as the portal of life and death, we begin to feel into our boundarylessness, our expansiveness, and our deep spiritual empowerment  
  • Embodiment Portion: 
    • Eyes closed practice
    • Partner Practice 4: Sharing our experiences, and asking clarifying questions


SESSION 7 (Aug 22):

  • Crown Chakra is where our Masculine and Feminine Energies meet and combine to form our full Divinity          
    • We will review and connect all the concepts
    • We will lean into how to activate our divinity daily and invite this energy into our relationships
    • There will be space and time to ask questions and gain clarity on any topics

  • Embodiment Portion: 
    • This will be very much in flow and most likely look like some breathwork and a “party”
    • Partner Practice 5: Full Group Witnessing and Close-Out Circle



  • Group Container

    This ticket gives you access to the full 7 session group Mastermind Container: links to livestream sessions and recordings plus any other supportive materials. If you'd like to avoid service fees, reach out to pay via Zelle, CashApp, or Apple Pay.

    +$5.55 service fee
  • Power Up

    This ticket gives you access to the 7 session group Mastermind PLUS 7, sixty-minute one-on-one virtual sessions with Jen to be used weekly during the container. If you'd like to avoid service fees, reach out to pay via Zelle, CashApp, or Apple Pay.

    +$38.88 service fee



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