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​Hi my love. I'm so happy you're here.

May we find our way back home, to the innate wisdom that lives in our bodies, and source more confidence, acceptance, love, pleasure, healthy connections and peace daily.

May we fall so madly in love with our beingness that we step into deep devotional care of ourselves and invite others to do the same.

xoxo, Jen



As long as I can remember I’ve loved deep human connection, communing with nature, & being in my body. In groups of people — when I’m not in the center of the dance floor getting rowdy — I’m the one singled off with someone entranced by their personal life story, learning about how they experience life. I am fascinated by the human experience, how our minds, bodies, & energies are intertwined, the vastness of our untapped potential, and how we relate and interact with one another. When I’m not with people, I’m communing with nature to meditate, camp, explore and soak up the experience of the elements. She, Gaia, is my muse, my mentor, and my safe space. Creating with my body & mind & intuition weaves itself throughout all I do and influences how I choose to see daily life as an artistic expression of eroticism. My modalities for this currently are cooking, movement flow and flow creation, releasing my wild, music, dance, breathwork, writing, visual art, and spoken word.

Not that credentials are everything, but I do have a BS in Exercise Science; Fitness & Wellness, am a 500 ERYT Certified Yoga Alliance Instructor, and have held several roles in the fitness realm (group instructor, personal trainer, special populations coach, studio manager, program director, and more) over the last 21 years. I draw from many modalities and methodologies and am consistently acquiring new information or being curious within my own movement and body, and listening to her wisdom.

I strongly believe that ALL HUMANS deserve access to education about the skills necessary to manage our bodies, minds, and energies as we navigate our day to day experiences and living life to our fullest potential. I am devoted to finding those ready to be held through a deep self re-programming through the delicate pathway of vulnerability, softness, love and surrender. As I share my knowledge & experiences, I have the opportunity to reveal deep and raw parts of myself and build trust. Through building safe space, autonomy, and boundaries we get to journey into the territory of re-parenting and re-programming and REMEMBERING how divine and deserving and delicious we are. We get to build and create new ways of being and begin to step into devotional love for ourselves and those we chose. And it's this kind of activated living, the untethered, exquisite, deliciously rich, pleasure and joy filled, that is a catalyst itself, igniting all close enough to notice.

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Client Testimonial


I had the privilege of being in Jen’s coaching container for six months as I evolved into the most confident & radiant version of myself. As a mental health therapist myself, I already had a strong foundation of tools and practices. And wow, Jen brought a treasure trove of wisdom that surpasses anything I’ve learned in higher education/traditional therapy spaces.


The lens & perspectives she’s introduced me to have radically shifted my life, such as existential kink, cycle alignment, polarity work, and embodiment of my wild feminine. I have deepened my nervous system regulation, strengthened my boundaries, and practiced unapologetically speaking my truths and desires. She has taught me that my softness is my superpower. This doesn’t even begin to explain the healing in the mother/father wound I’ve experienced by our relationship being a space of consistency, compassion, and non-judgment. 


She is a trailblazer & oracle for ancestral wisdom who has shaped me into the woman I am today. I am forever grateful for the way she has impacted me & continues to inspire me.

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Sending you love and gratitude!

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