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We will cycle through the main elements of:
Slow.Flow.Grow each week, building upon what we learn week over week.

This program will give you tools to continue to show up for yourself to support you feeling energetic, peaceful, and loved. It will break down movements and awareness to help safely build functional strength and mobility in an accessible and approachable way. 


  • This is a 3 day a week or 9 class course. Each 30-45 minute practice is designed to provide a holistic weekly movement framework to support the mental, physical, and energy bodies. 

    Level 1 will prepare the body and mind for more complex and dynamic functional strength and mobility exercises utilizing kettlebells. 

  • Equipment Needed: Yoga or fitness mat, 2 cork or VERY firm foam yoga blocks, a matching pair of dumbbells or kettlebells - recommended 12, 15, or 20 pounds each

  • We will train barefoot or in socks

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