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Thank you for being here my love. Our feminine magic truly radiates when we soften, remain fluid, and nourish our deep sensual desires.

When you work with Jen, your fully customizable sessions will be catered to your needs and desires with the emphasis around healing feminine wounds & sexual traumas, increasing your confidence, stepping into your full fucking radiance, and beginning to experience the magic you are capable of conjuring in your life.

If you would like to work one-on-one with your sensual embodiment, you can schedule a Private In-Person or Zoom Session with Jen, or you can look into purchasing the Sacral Chakra Session from her Somatic Chakra Healing program that would include a month of support + two, 2-hour sessions + self-work assignments and prompts.

Schedule a connection call with Jen to understand more & get on her calendar. 


DRIPP is a class format but also a lifestyle. Daily Rapture and Inner Peace Practice. An acronym to describe the daily pursuit of joy, pleasure, and peace. DRIPP offers a variety of coaching and course selections, classes, and communities that will nurture your wholeness & divinity, help you overcome personal challenges, be seen & supported, and feel delicious & safe in your body. We offer Classes (In-Person, Online, and On-Demand), Workshops, Trainings, Retreats and more.


This program is a 6+ month commitment wherein we will meet every other week for 2 hours and Jen will deliver self-work assignments and prompts in the weeks in-between. This program is designed to give intense focus on many areas of life to help you heal, expand, and step into your power while learning tools and habits to support you through life's inevitable storms.

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