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Thank you for being here my love. The chaotic feminine magic radiates through playfulness, creativity, fluidity, and staying centric to our deep sensual desires.

Whether you are a feminine being desiring to connect more deeply to your own feminine essence, or are a masculine being desiring the polarity of feminine sensuality in your life, Jen will fully customize sessions to be catered to your needs and desires. These can include healing feminine wounds & sexual traumas, increasing your confidence, stepping into your full fucking radiance, re-patterning healthy love and safety, and beginning to experience the magic you are capable of conjuring in your life.

The feminine alchemy experience centers heavily on intimacy, consent, pleasure, and is a unique way to transform your mindset, life, and future relationships. 

From virtual sessions to in-person experiences and possibilities like the "Wifey Package" (imagine a 6 week intensive in-person program in your home), schedule a connection call with Jen today to understand more & get on her calendar. 


DRIPP is a class format but also a lifestyle. Daily Rapture and Inner Peace Practice, an acronym to describe the daily pursuit of joy, pleasure, and peace. DRIPP offers a methodology and framework for you to connect deeply to your primal and sensual parts of yourself.


This program is a 6+ month commitment wherein we will meet every other week for 2 hours and Jen will deliver self-work assignments and prompts in the weeks in-between. This program is designed to give intense focus on many areas of life to help you heal, expand, and step into your power while learning tools and habits to support you through life's inevitable storms.

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