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When Women come together -- We change the World

When Women come together in vulnerability, connection, and unabandoned love -- We change the World.

This morning I wept tears of relief, joy, honor, respect, and deep love as I was scanning through the images captured during the first ever Dripptress Retreat. I found myself re-experiencing feelings of playfulness, sensitive intimacy, trust, vulnerability, pride, and amazement that occurred over those four days (which felt like an instant and an eternity all at once). Then a hopeful emptiness arrived. Empty because I long to be immersed right back into that world. Hopeful because the work lies in expanding this dream of a new world to ALL.

Stepping into the Retreat weekend, I really only KNEW one thing -- that every single one of the women arriving were meant to be there and that we were all precisely on time and in alignment with a grander purpose. I still haven’t processed everything that transpired, and so many other deeply karmic/magical/unexplainable things happened that I wasn’t a part of. And perhaps we may never comprehend the fullness or the depth of the impact of our gathering. I imagine we really aren’t supposed to. It feels like an act of faith to me. Of trust in self and the collective higher purpose. To continue along the path even without the details, a “plan”, or any guarantees. But a few things are crystal clear to me:

  1. Sacred Sisterhood is a lost art that if globally revived, will spark a revolution to collectively change and heal the earth and usher in a new era. The Sister Goddesses that arrived at the Retreat were prepared to DROP IN and do some difficult healing work. Because of our individual practices, we were able to create a container rooted in healing, alignment with individual divinity and connection with source, love riddled with conscious and healthy language/communication/boundaries, sovereignty, awareness, and space to breathe. We chose to prioritize presence and do our best to live in an abundant mindset; stepping away from the behaviors that vomit out of us when we feel we are in scarcity or lack. We showered our moments with compassion, intention, and feminine fluidity. Because of this, we had the honor of experiencing the most incredibly light, open, FREE, loving, kind, and playful atmosphere. The kind of atmosphere I have been dreaming of. The kind of atmosphere you hope can be true, because it’s THAT goddamn beautiful. So now, sitting here, I see that IT CAN EXIST. And WE can create it. We can re-mother one another. We can show up as soul sisters in deep feminine intimacy and hold one another through the difficult process of being human. We can come together in love and understanding to open ourselves up to a more aligned and vibrant way to live.

2. Sharing our unique and personal stories (especially the dark, painful, triggering ones) is crucial to collective healing. Along this journey I’ve heard many say (including myself) that their story isn’t important enough to tell. Or it’s not “severe enough” or “traumatic enough”. I’m here to tell you that your individual story DOES MATTER. No matter what created/creates or caused/causes your pain, heartache, abandonment, neglect, fear, shame, or embarrassment -- No matter how you experience joy, healing, wholeness, confidence, pleasure, and connection; IT MATTERS. When you choose to be brave and bare it all, it will help someone. We are designed to tell stories, to pass along wisdom gained from our experiences. We are designed to be held and seen and heard by others, to be tenderly met with love and compassion. We are designed to inspire, help, and support others through the sharing of our experiences. There is no need to compare or stack up what has happened to us. That’s a waste of time. Instead, we can focus our energy on discovering and then sharing the medicine we find in the depths of our shadows and painful experiences to then lighten the load of humanity. 3. We are more powerful and magical than ever imagined when we work together. My sisters and I brewed magic with our words, our collective hip rolls and spinal undulations, we cast light spells with our movements, our intentions, and our raw Divine Feminine radiance. We gained insight into our ability to shatter expectations and live in a way that is radically nourishing to us. I implore you to try to do the same. Wake up every morning and CHOOSE to live more boldly in your truths. CHOOSE to prioritize your pleasure, joy, peace, and healing. CHOOSE intentionally what you consume, who you interact with, and what you give your energy to. CHOOSE to co-create with the moment instead of chasing “shoulds”, “what ifs”, or blindly reacting. Because when we do this, we energetically invite others to do the same. That is how we invite our spouses, partners, parents, siblings, co-workers, students, children, community members etc. to change. We all know we can’t force people to change. But we certainly can inspire them to.

That’s all for now. I’m sure I’ll be writing love notes about this experience until I die. But for now, this is what wants to be shared.

With all the love I can give,

Momma J

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