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Feminine and Flirty Bundle

Feminine and Flirty Bundle

This bundle of pre-recorded courses includes:

  • Activate your Feminine: a series of five DRIPP classes that will introduce you to the basics of a sensual embodiment and movement practice.
  • Boost Your Feminine Magic:  a beefcake of an offering which includes two whole series that follow the chakras. One series is 20 minute practices, the second is 60 minute practices. In total you will receive 14 classes that follow the chakras.
  • Booty Bounce Challenge: Six, 20 minute classes over 2 weeks that will layer in somatic embodiment, sacral energy release, and booty bouncing skills. This challenge is meant to inspire us to find ways to move our bodies daily, drop into our sensuality, and ignite playfulness and creative channels.


These also come with additional mantras, exercises, jounral prompts and more.

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