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I consider myself a multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary guide and facilitator. My work centers on awakening the energetic body through the intelligence of the chakras (and polarity) as well as a cultivation of a deep connection and trust of self/body through breathwork, self-touch, somatic skills, dance, sound healing and more. I curate offerings based on where my clients feel "stuck" -- and often lands us in the intimacy, sensuality, pleasure, and aliveness categories. As sensual beings it is so pertinent to celebrate and integrate our sensual and sexual parts of ourselves. I wish to help you ignite your ability to expand your understanding and awareness of intimacy and sensuality and pleasure, and to weave a life where joy and satisfaction are felt often and in abundance. I can help you drop stubborn patterns and beliefs centered in fear, trauma, or scarcity, and to gently repattern them with love, nourishment, and abundance.

My virtual offerings look like a blend of education and discussion and then somatic integration. Yoga, breathwork, compassionate and sensual touch and massage, dance and primal movements help the concepts we learn side by side to really "land". I prefer working with long-term clients to help them holistically build a framework of rituals and tools to transform their inner and outer realities. We are all so deserving to feel sensational and supported and seen, and that is what I offer. My in person my containers 
(I travel to you, or you to me if not local) are a deep dive into attunement through play, creativity, partner dance, partner yoga, co-regulation skills, sensual & therapeutic massage, cooking and food exploration, personal styling, home organization and planning to support the desired lifestyle, education about arousal and pleasure and intimacy -- all deeply rooted in consent and trauma-informed principles. 


I have been teaching yoga for 12 years, and a student of tantra and Ayurveda and other eastern philosophies for 7 years. I have been teaching in a movement/fitness realm for over 22 years, hosting retreats and workshops often. I have been a student of the physical body and sexuality for decades. I feel my education plus my experience working in-person in intimate containers has given me such a firm foundation in the skills to be wildly effective in this awakening work. 


My ideal client is someone or a couple who is really looking for quantum growth and healing. Usually those already on a healing or spiritual path who are feeling "stuck" or unsure about where to go next. I am looking for those who desire to learn from the wild feminine and the medicine that lives in my intuitive body and the messy brilliance of her cyclical nature. I tend to attract men and couples who are ready to expand their ability to connect and create conscious and expansive and richly pleasurable relationships. 

All of my containers are uniquely crafted and curated for each client/couple and massively influenced by intuitive magic. I weave and dance with the moment, adapting and attuning into the energy and desire the present is requesting. If you are ready for the path of the siren – the sensual/sexual dive into the depths and darkness of chaos and grief and tension to emerge into a more expansive, coherent, powerful, sexually vibrant, compassionate, loving, version of yourself – I’m the Goddess for you. This potently playful approach is incredibly effective to create lasting changes and ignite you into the life/relationships of your dreams.

Let me be your oracle, your muse, your feminine conduit to the quantum. My love and radiance will change your life.

I am proudly listed as a practitioner on Sacred Eros.


"Jen is a magical, miracle worker. I highly recommend Jen. She had a fresh perspective for me that helped me have an immediate mindset shift to be devoted daily to myself and loving myself how I want a partner to love me."

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