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Shadow Play Package

Shadow Play Package

  • Feeling overwhelmed by feelings of "life happening to you"?

  • Tired of repeating cycles even though you are aware of them?

  • Heard of shadow work but intimidated? Jen will share methods that utilize kinky and playful ideologies influence by Existential Kink and Polarity dynamics as described via Tantric wisdom.

  • Why? This work is spicy and effective (like a forest fire) in helping to re-inform and rewire beliefs, self-talk, and cycles as well as activating deep quantum codes to weave magic and less suffering into your daily life.

  • Five, 1-hour virtual sessions, weekly

  • Save by paying in full

  • Use the form linked here to schedule your alignment call with Jen or she will reach out to you once purchased.



– Access to more peace, safety, and play for greater satisfaction in all areas of life
– Amplified focus, success (however you define it), love, and sex
– Re-wiring and repatterning beliefs and behavior cycles
– Changes in your body, mindset, and mental health through devotional practices
– Commanding more power with less aggression, judgment, and harshness
– Confidence in conversation and social settings (great for the workplace and/or dating)
– Gaining skills and awareness for multi-orgasmic potential and expansive pleasure
– Becoming a phenomenal lover and safe space holder
– Understanding intimacy, how to cultivate it, and expanding into it with others
– Attuned discernment to approach and attract resonant relationships
– Becoming a healthy advocate for humanity through acceptance of your true worth

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