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A massive part of my pathway to full-blown authentic living and reclamation of my sensuality as my own, came through Burlesque and Heels dance classes. On the dance floor is where I reclaimed the sanctity of my sex and felt the bliss of tantalizing myself for no one else but me.

The felt sense of being human is our birth right -- and this artform has been lost. The more we spend time slowing down, noticing our thoughts, our physical sensations, breathing with intention, and connecting to nature, the more we unlock the well of joy, pleasure, peace, freedom, and health.

The Grateful.Grounded Gorgeous Course is the perfect Embodiment for Beginners course to support your journey and begin the beautiful work and practice of nourishing ourselves in all ways. 

Ready to take it to the next level? Check out the Feminine & Flirty Bundle that includes the following prerecorded courses:

- Activate Your Feminine
- Boost Your Feminine Magic
- Booty Bounce Challenge


"Working with Jen was the refresher my mind, body, and soul needed!"

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