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G3 Challenge: Grateful.Grounded.Gorgeous.

G3 Challenge: Grateful.Grounded.Gorgeous.

Embodiment for beginners!


Reconnect to the wisdom of your body and feel at home in your body.

It is my greatest hope that you will feel more peace and calm daily and deepen your trust with your intuition and body nudges. This program covers many basic embodiment skills and intelligences that will begin to lead you into deep devotion for yourself and connection to the oneness of it all.


  • This is a 5 week or 35 day program. You can choose to chip away at these in your own timeline, or commit to one month of transformation through embodiment principles and holistic self care practices. 

  • Each day has a prompt, exercise, or practice to attend. Total there are nine, 30 minute recorded classes/practices. This is a resource you can dip into over and over again.

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