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HER: 3 Day In-Person Immersive Experience

HER: 3 Day In-Person Immersive Experience

My in-person containers can look like me traveling to you, or you traveling to NorCal and settling into an air bnb that will support us in extremely transformative work. You can even continue to "work" during the days to see and feel real life polarity at play and be supported and spoiled by me. I like to think of these as a "wifey experience", allowing me to show up for you in soft and playful ways to help re-wire and create a template for healthy love, intimacy, sensuality, and sexuality. 


My containers are uniquely crafted and curated for each client/couple and massively influenced by my wild, witchy, intuitive womb magic. I weave and dance with the moment, adapting and attuning into the energy and desire the present is requesting. If you are ready for the path of the siren – the sensual/sexual dive into the depths and darkness of chaos and grief and tension to emerge into a more expansive, coherent, powerful, sexually vibrant, compassionate, loving, version of yourself – I’m the Goddess for you. This potently playful approach is incredibly effective to create lasting changes and ignite you into the life/relationships of your dreams.


My in-person containers have a 3 day minimum and will weave in intimacy and communication coaching, embodiment and turn-on skill aquisition and practice, co-regulation and breathwork, relaxation and worshipping ceremonies, and so many optional add ons (house organization and flow, date nights, dance lessons, food prep and kitchen play, personalized movement and training programs, and so much more). My skills are vast and wide and I am here to help transform your framework to launch you into success, wealth, and health in a sexy and powerful way.


Let me be your oracle, your muse, your feminine conduit to the quantum. My love and radiance will change your life.

What to expect working with me:

  • Access to more peace, safety, and play for greater satisfaction in all areas of life

  • Amplified focus, success (however you define it), love, and sex

  • Re-wiring and repatterning beliefs and behavior cycles

  • Changes in your body, mindset, and mental health through devotional practices

  • Commanding more power with less aggression, judgment, and harshness

  • Confidence in conversation and social settings (great for the workplace and/or dating)

  • Gaining skills and awareness for multi-orgasmic potential and expansive pleasure

  • Becoming a phenomenal lover and safe space holder

  • Understanding intimacy, how to cultivate it, and expanding into it with others

  • Attuned discernment to approach and attract resonant relationships

  • Becoming a healthy advocate for humanity through acceptance of your true worth

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