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Quantum Coaching Payments

Quantum Coaching Payments

$1,000 per month for six months ($6,000 total). Reach out if you'd prefer to use different payment methods: zelle, cash, apple pay etc. This program is a serious investment in your personal growth & power and the six month committment is required. Apply Here.


Below is a brief description of what we will cover with each month/chakra:


Root Chakra - Learn skills & tools to help ground & connect you back into the present moment through daily habits & rituals. We will discuss mindfulness & breathwork skills as well as grounding movements, postures, and techniques to help re-establish safety & a sense of "home" within yourself.


Sacral Chakra - Embrace and explore a play & a pleasure practice, learn to balance masculine/feminine energies, notice victim/victor beliefs & replace them with compassion & purpose, and swap scarcity & fear based mindests with ones based in abundance & love. Our embodiment portion will look different depending on your needs & desires and if you want to focus on the noruishment of you feminine or masculine.


Solar Plexus - Identify what your strengths, weaknesses, passions and desires are. Learn the language of your emotions to begin to stand firm in your boundaries and regulate your emotions with more ease. Implement compassionate self-talk and practices to stop self-sabotaging & speaking to yourself so harshly. We will discuss the idea of your "energy budget" and your rights as a human to help stand firm in your power and discuss shadow work. We will learn and practice movements to help you feel powerful & begin to build physical strength & resilience.


Heart - Begin to understand your beliefs, patterns, attachments styles, and love languages to then be better able to express your needs, wants, and desires more clearly. We will cover communication styles and listening, conflict resolution, boundary holding, and some inner child work. We will look at potential wounds that may be showing up in the ways you react & bond with others and learn poses and movements that will help open your heart chakra & allow love and energy to flow in your being with ease.


Throat - When we focus on this chakra, it's all about your voice & your truth. We will dive more deeply into boundaries & practicing speaking up for our truths & gaining confidence in our intuition. We will discuss what things are draining you of your life force energy & learning to let go of and release relationships, beliefs, attachements, and memories that are no longer serving us. We will focus on vocal work, expressive breathwork, mirror work, poses & movements designed to help open this chakra, defining your truths and helping you stand firmly in them.


Third Eye & Crown - God/dess visualization work will help you to define how you see your future/highest/divine self and how to stay dedicated and motivated to continually step into your power & potential. We will discuss your intuition, how to sharpen it, and how to use your inner knowing to manifest the life of your dreams.

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    $1,000.00every month for 6 months
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