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Shadow Play Payments

Shadow Play Payments

$275 per week for five weeks ($1375 total). Reach out if you'd prefer to use different payment methods: zelle, cash, apple pay etc.


Apply for your Alignment Call here.


  • Feeling overwhelmed by feelings of "life happening to you"?

  • Tired of repeating cycles even though you are aware of them?

  • Heard of shadow work but intimidated? Jen will share methods that utilize kinky and playful ideologies influence by Existential Kink and Polarity dynamics as described via Tantric wisdom.

  • Why? This work is spicy and effective (like a forest fire) in helping to re-inform and rewire beliefs, self-talk, and cycles as well as activating deep quantum codes to weave magic and less suffering into your daily life.

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    Shadow Play Payments
    Auto Pay weekly for 5 weeks
    $275.00every week for 5 weeks
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